Steps are designed with alternate
risers to accommodate comfortable
and safe access to the upper level
given the limited space
Elevated (upper) seat can recline
extensively since there is no
passenger seating directly
behind it but rather below it.
This is an example showing the middle section of a large aircraft with rows of 4 seats. Every other row  is elevated allowing for
leg room for the seat behind it which is at conventional height. Elevated seats are reduced to 3 from 4 to make room for the steps
on each side.
Alternate Elevated Seats  -  Economy Class
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- Lower seat folds vertically to allow passenger to access luggage space under elevated seat. This feature also
helps create sufficient space for lower passenger to access lower seats when upper seat is fully reclined

- Handling luggage while away from the aisle improves boarding and deplaning times

Lower passenger seat slides forward to allow the backrest to recline, offering upper and lower passengers the
same degree of comfort

Companies that currently do not pay for business travel for their employees would be interested in providing more
affordable reclining in order to have their employees arrive rested and more productive
Surface cost of Economy-FLEX is approximately 20% more than conventional economy, providing a 45 degree or
better recline. This increased comfort makes the difference between the ability to sleep versus sleep-deprivation on
long flights
Patents issued and pending
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Ergonomics and Logistics Concepts
Cost Effective Reclining Accommodations for Airlines