Dr Ashwani Kumar is a PhD from Singapore-MIT alliance,
specialising in future urban transport. He is an advisor and
collaborator on the project and started working on the cTrain
concept during his PhD program at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

Presently, he is a senior civil servant with the government of India,
where he heads the ticketing system and web applications on
Indian Railways as a general manager with the Centre for Railway
Information Systems (CRIS). Previously, he was involved in
strategic planning and train operations on Indian Railways during
his tenure as a Director and as a senior divisional operations
manager respectively.

He had his undergraduate degree in civil engineering from IIT
Delhi and graduate diploma in management and public policy
from IIM Bangalore and Syracuse university.

Apart from publishing in academic journals, he writes frequently in
‘Indian express’ and ‘Economic and Political Weekly’ on a variety
of urban and transport related issues in India. He has presented
papers and spoken extensively all across the world in various
Emil Jacob, owner and founder of Jacob Innovations LLC, specializing in ergonomic design concepts with experience in airline interiors and
computer related ergonomics. The cTrain is a comprehensive project and thesis in his Masters in DESIGN FOR HUMAN HEALTH at the Boston
Architectural College.
He had his undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Toronto and has worked extensively in IT as a Business Systems Analyst
finding innovative ways to streamline and automate operations through software and optimized interfaces.

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"At the first glance, the ‘C-Train’ concept looks innocuously simple and retro, but has potential to be a disruptive innovation in urban transport. It will change the way
urban transits are planned and perceived. It will lead to a quantum improvement in availability, comfort and convenience of public transport besides slashing the cost
and time of construction and operation. It could be the next big thing in urban transport after car which would provide a truly comparable alternative to car."           
Dr. Ashwani Kumar, specialising in future urban transport, collaborator advisor for the cTrain concept

Among other solutions the cTrain brings a great improvement to last-mile inconvenience (trip from home or office to metro and vice versa)  
Smart Transport for
Smart Cities article by Dr. Ashwani Kumar
a comprehensive solution to urban mobility
MINI ELEVATED cTrain (caterpillar train)
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Patents issued and pending - All Rights Reserved
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