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Ergonomics and Logistics Concepts
Cost Effective Reclining Accommodations for Airlines -
Capturing vertical space in airline interiors through the use of steps
Survey in AOL Travel - Jul 2010 -Article:  The Future of Airline Seating
Would you fly more frequently if airplane seats were more comfortable?    
Yes          60,156   (77.0%)
No            8,617     (11.1%)
Maybe      9,139     (11.9%)
The FLEX-SEAT model provides affordable reclining accommodations for long flights with additional benefits.
Some features are superior to conventional Business Class such as: privacy, travel with infants, room for large carry-on luggage.
Lower food service costs (for sleeping

Faster boarding time

Lower check-in luggage costs

Larger luggage space
Travel with infants

Comfort for overweight passengers


Conversion to Economy - for short flights (see folding features
The FLEX-SEAT can increase the passenger density of conventional Business Class seating as much as 100% while providing
additional benefits:
Travel with Infants: no additional ticket seat required for
infants. Infant can be placed horizontally beside passenger. This
is a vast improvement from having to hold the infant in Economy
or in Business class.

Convenient Travel for Overweight Passengers:
Complaints from larger passengers (and even lawsuits) have
received media attention in the last years. The FLEX-SEAT
solves the problem of discomfort to passengers seated adjacent
to one another.
Ease of Storage:  Instead of lifting the luggage to overhead
bins, passengers store it safely and comfortably under movable
More Storage Space:  A larger number of passengers will
choose carry-on luggage resulting in savings on ground crew
costs and time. Plane stays less time on the ground. Added
convenience to passengers.

Faster Boarding: Passengers do not block the aisle while
storing their luggage.

The FLEX seat reduces significantly the boarding time required
for a large aircraft.

Luggage is stored and collected while passenger is away from
the aisle
Privacy: each passenger enjoys a private module.

Elbow room.

Added comfort and privacy when working on a laptop or eating

Passengers enjoy freedom from discomfort caused by the seat in
front of them reclining into their space.

Lower Health Risks
Passengers can change positions reducing the risk of blood
circulation issues (deep vein thrombosis).
Flight attendant has safe and comfortable access to
passenger on upper level.

The FLEX-SEAT captures a large untapped market between economy and business class

The flight experience for passengers shifting from economy to FLEX-SEAT will dramatically change

Since the beginning of the airline industry there have been few fundamental improvements in seating comfort. With the growth of air travel, the demand
for sleeping accommodations on long distance flights is increasing. The above tabs show six patented models for capturing unused vertical space in
airline seating through the use of steps
Flexibility to Convert to Economy Class: FLEX-SEATS  
can be converted instantly to Economy Class.

Airlines may sell tickets for both Economy and
FLEX-SEATS according to demand

Conversion is achieved by folding the steps into the upper

Upper level serves as storage.
Boston Design Museum Exhibit:
Getting There: Design for Travel in the
Modern Age
shown Boston Logan International Airport