Other Innovations:

Dynamic Shoe Sole - ergonomic shoe sole with changing/undulating surface

Logistical improvement to public transportation

Vertical Axis Windmill

details available upon request
Jacob Innovations, LLC designs interior concepts for airlines interested in exploring new usage of vertical space.
Airline Seating Arrangements capturing unused vertical space
Ergonomics and Logistics Concepts
Cost Effective Reclining Accommodations for Airlines
Patents issued and pending - All Rights Reserved
We have  developed a number of models that capture vertical space to improve comfort and density.
We are located in the Boston area:
Jacob Innovations LLC, Cambridge,
MA 02139, USA

Other innovations developed by our firm are mainly focused on ergonomic designs, including in electronics.
We help corporations seeking revolutionary ideas.
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Boston Design Museum Exhibit:
Getting There: Design for Travel in the
Modern Age
shown Boston Logan International Airport